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Shut Up Everybody, New 1L Is Going to Explain How Smart He Is, by Joe Patrice, Above The Law Blog


We’ve all have run into them, regardless of whether the person is a 1L or paralegal student. Thankfully, this stage is often temporary. In some cases, unfortunately, the condition is permanent. -CCE

Pack it in everybody! Mere days into the new year, there’s a 1L out there who has the ‘law’ all figured out. He can isolate the relevant aspects of a case at first glance and his agile mind can dismiss a flawed reading with ease. He’s so prepared that he’s already talking smack about law school graduates. And he did it all on Facebook so we can see how smart he is. We are truly living in blessed times. He will restore balance to the law!

Now, some naysayers would suggest that a 1L a few days into their law school career has no place calling out the work of those who’ve come before as irrelevant and untrue. That perhaps singling out by name a law school graduate and questioning his legal acumen was excessive for a mere pup. Ignore those voices. You can’t silence genius like this. . . .