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Are You A Crappy Litigator? A Self-Assessment Test! by Mark Herrmann, Above The Law Blog (with hat tip to Raymond Ward at the (new) legal writer blog!)


Not exactly the words I would choose to make the point, but I agree that the emphasis on short, clear sentences and paragraphs is more persuasive. -CCE

It’s so hard to judge yourself.

Deep in your soul you know that people who criticize you are idiots, and people who praise you are wise and sagacious.

How can you possibly tell if you’re any good at what you do?

I have the answer for you! I’ve created a litigators’ self-assessment test! Now you’ll know if you’re any good!

Here’s how it works: Take out the last brief you filed.

Do it. Now. You won’t learn anything if you don’t follow the rules. . . .