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Arizona Governor Vetoes  Anti-Gay Bill, by Dan Nowicki, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, and Alia Beard Rau, The Arizona Republic, USA Today


It will be interesting to see how Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s veto will affect similar legislation in other states, such as Oklahoma, Idaho, and Kansas, and if the pressure from businesses and the public have not already done so. -CCE

Facing intense pressure from political and business interests and a growing public outcry, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announced Wednesday that she had vetoed a bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gays and others based on religious beliefs.

Brewer said the bill was unnecessary legislation that threatened the state’s recovering economy by driving away high-profile events such as next year’s Super Bowl and corporations looking to relocate to Arizona.

“Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value — so is non-discrimination,” Brewer said at a news conference announcing the veto.  She said the proposed law, known as Senate Bill 1062, was too broadly worded and could have resulted in “unintended and negative consequences.” . . .