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Review: Weather Line — iPhone weather app, by Jeff Richardson, iPhone, J.D.


You might have heard that folks here in Oklahoma and other states are having a spot of trouble with the weather. If it is not hail or tornados, it’s flooding.

Our weather channels are doing a great job, but I have not found my current weather app that useful. This one looks as if it might do the job. -CCE

There are a ridiculous number of iPhone apps that can tell you the weather.  I have purchased a whole bunch of them, partly because weather apps are inherently useful, but also because whenever I find one with an interface or a feature that I like, it is often not long before another one comes along that seems like it might be better.  But for quite a while now, I’ve stuck with just one Weather app on the home screen of my iPhone:  Weather Line, which is currently on sale for only $1.99.  Here’s why this has been my favorite weather app, and perhaps it will appeal to you as well. . . .