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A New Way To Buy Acrobat DC: Subscription, by Rick Borstein, Acrobat for Legal Professionals Blog


Adobe Acrobat is one of sharpest tools used in a law office. It would definitely be on my list of indispensable technology. I keep hearing about Acrobat DC, but have not had the opportunity to run it through its paces. Which option is more practical? Buying the license or trying the subscription route?

For those of you who are interested in the many various ways you can use Adobe Acrobat – any version – look to your right at the website. You might see something you like. -CCE

Before going further, I need to make sure that you know that you certainly can continue to buy and upgrade Acrobat as you have in the past without buying a subscription.

Subscription is a new additional purchase option for Acrobat.

Adobe has other software subscription offerings such as the Creative Cloud. The idea of subscription software is new to some folks, so I thought I would offer some background here and discuss some factors you might consider in making a decision of Buy versus Subscribe.

Note that purchase considerations will vary quite a bit between an individual or small firm and that of a large enterprise and that the opinions below are my own. . . .