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WordPerfect Viewer returns to LawBox, by Jeff Richardson, iPhone J.D. Blog


If you have an iPad or iPhone, you know that your device cannot natively view WordPerfect files. (Yes, there are still plenty of folks in the legal community who use WordPerfect.)

There is an app for that — WPD Viewer — originally reviewed by Jeff Richardson in 2010. Created by LawBox, this app will let you view a WordPerfect document, but you cannot edit it. Regardless, you can cut and paste into a new document if you wish to edit it.

The folks at Corel liked the app so much that they bought the right to sell it. As of January 2014, the app has come back to LawBox. The founder of LawBox, Nicholas Zeltzer, has already updated the app for iOS7. One of the post’s commenters, Charles Jannace, added that the app connects directly with Dropbox.

Although this app does not give you a smooth transition from WordPerfect to Word or back again, it does give you a way to access and copy and paste a WordPerfect document. -CCE