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A Mobile Security Checklist for Attorneys, by Larry Port, Legal Productivity


While attending a CLE event, have you ever left your laptop unattended? What if someone steals one of your mobile devices from your car or your home — or what if you inadvertently lose it in some way? Can someone else access your privileged client’s data? -CCE

I recently had the honor of writing a piece for ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine on mobile security and presenting a webinar on the same topic. One piece of research blew me away: in a six-month period in Chicago, over 20 THOUSAND (yes – THOUSAND) cell phones were left in taxis.

Sure, maybe Chicago’s taxi seats are stickier than most, and perhaps the cold forces people into taxis more than in, say, Boca Raton, FL. The point is, you’re apt to lose a phone. And these days, with large amounts of data storage, functionality, and computational power on these things, that spells trouble for attorneys protecting client data.