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What Does A Paralegal Do At Trial: Six Things Your War Room Must Have, by Christina Roberts, CP, Digital Paralegal Services (with permission from author and website)


This excellent post highlights important steps to prepare for trial. This is especially helpful when your trial is out of town.

I like the emphasis on the trial notebook. Your lead counsel may specify something similar. Regardless, it is your job to make sure they have whatever works for them. Still, this trial notebook is ideal, and is an excellent model to follow.

Some quick words about using technology in the courtroom. Visit the courtroom ahead of time. Write down the location of all electrical outlets. Take a lot of duct tape. Use duct tape to secure all wires and cords.

Ask the judge’s staff whether the judge has a preference or pet peeves. Perhaps the judge has local rules for technology in the courtroom?

If you got to trial often, you likely have your own stories of technology attempts that didn’t work. That could be a post all by itself. Mainly, my best advice to you is that, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Anticipate it, and be ready with a back-up plan. -CCE