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United States Sentencing Commission


This federal government website has a honey pot of information. It has six categories. Here are some highlights you will find under each category:

1. About (includes Mission Statement and online seminar titled ‘An Insider Look at the United States Sentencing Commission’);

2. Guidelines (the 2016 Guidelines Manual, Sentencing Table, and Organizational Guidelines, including the most recent primers on various areas of criminal law);

3. Policymaking (Rules of Practice and Procedure);

4. Education (Guideline Training Materials);

5. By Topic; and

6. Research (Public Access to Commission Data and Documents List Of all Publications, 2016 Sourcebook, Quick Facts, and Data Reports).

The information you will find here is current and up to date. You can be sure that you are researching the most recent and updated guidelines, primers, sentencing table, policy, and laws. -CCE