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The Wayback Machine, Internet Archive


These links are two great ways to get to the Wayback Machine. Not familiar with it? Please allow me introduce you. The Wayback Machine has been around for 19 years, and has literally billions of saved URLs. If you ever tried a hyperlink and got that annoying 404 message, did you know it was still alive and well on the Wayback Machine?

As you can imagine, the Wayback Machine is huge. There has been only one way to search on the Wayback Machine – you had to have the URL. If did not have the exact URL, you were out of luck.

The great news is that the Laura and John Arnold Foundation have donated several million dollars to create a search engine for the Wayback Machine. The word is that it will be ready sometime in 2017. Imagine being able to search that much data!

Commonly, if you are researching on the Internet, you use Google, Bing, or another major search engine. How long do those links stay available? It varies, right? You thought Google was huge? It is said that the Wayback Machine has snapshots of every webpage ever posted on the Internet. Every single one.

Think about a researcher’s possibilities when the search engine is up and running. It is going to be interesting. -CCE