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New Study Finds Taking Notes By Hand “Significantly Improves” Word Recall Compared To Typing, by James B. Levy, Legal Skills Prof Blog


In the old days before laptops and other digital devices were the norm, we took notes by hand. When I took notes rather than observing and listening in a hearing, meeting, or at trial, I thought it helped me to notice more details that stuck in my memory. I have not had the opportunity to use a laptop or other digital device to take notes.  I cannot say whether handwriting or typing improve memory retention. But it is an interesting idea. -CCE

The study was conducted by a team that includes Professor Anne Mangen (U. Stavanger, Norway) who is one of the foremost researchers studying the effect of hardcopy versus screens on comprehension and retention of information.  This new study is called Handwriting versus Keyboard Writing: Effect on Word Recall  and is available at 7(2) Journal of Writing Research 227 (2015) and can also be accessed online here. . . .