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 Journalism Resources on the Internet, by Marcus P. Zilman, LLRX.com


Legal research sometimes requires thinking outside the box. For example, your client is interested in a trial held in another jurisdiction, but does not want to incur the expense of paying for the entire trial transcript.

News articles about the trial may help your attorney decide whose testimony can be useful in your client’s case. Research could identify the specific witnesses and days of testimony needed to prepare your client’s case.

Another resource, also posted here, is JournalistExpress®,  http://www.journalistexpress.com, a dashboard research resource for journalists. -CCE

Journalism Resources on the Internet is a selective, comprehensive bibliography of reliable, subject specific and actionable sources of journalism resources and sites for researchers in all sectors. These resources will help you to discover the many pathways available through the Internet to find the latest journalism resources and sites. . . .