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Judge Uses Cartoons To Benchslap Jones Day, by Joe Patrice, Above The Law Blog


Judge Robert J. Jonker is a saucy one.

He once shot down Thomas M. Cooley Law’s trumped up defamation claims by declaring that the statement that Cooley “‘grossly inflates its graduates’ reported mean salaries’ may not merely be protected hyperbole, but actually substantially true.” Snap.

So it wasn’t a tremendous shock to see Judge Jonker involved when a recent benchslap kicked off with a cartoon.

Is it the funniest cartoon in the world? No. Indeed, it falls into the Ziggy realm of groan-inducing comics. But is it a special kind of embarrassing when a federal judge feels words are not enough to call out your inappropriate behavior and breaks the judiciary’s largely staid approach to put a comic into an opinion? Absolutely.

So what got him so irked? . . . .