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From Due Diligence to Corporate Intelligence, by Internet for Lawyers Blog


Say you’re working on a big case, and you need as much information on the opposing company as possible. Or perhaps you’re pitching a potential new client, and want to know everything about their business for your presentation. Maybe your client’s competition is developing a new product or you want to read all the news stories about some development that will affect your business or your clients’. Do you know how to get that information quickly? And for free?

There was a time not so long ago when a law firm would have to use an ‘information specialist’ to find this information, or in extreme cases, hire a ‘corporate spy’ to dig up the most sensitive competitive business information. But today, with so much business, legal and news information available on the Internet, getting this kind of ‘business intelligence’ is infinitely easier. If you know where to look, you too can be a corporate 007. . . .