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App of the Week: Smart Safe Pro – Secure Sensitive Data on Your iPhone, by Lisa Pansini, Legal Productivity Blog


Regardless of whether you use your iPhone for docketing or receive emails from clients, legal ethics require that information about your clients be treated as confidential. And guess what, there’s an app for that. -CCE

Smartphone data is sacred to many. The mere thought of another human being infiltrating the privacy of their devices is enough to bring them to their knees. Rejoice, over-protective iOS user, for there is Smart Safe Pro ($2.99).

Secured with a AES-256 encryption, Smart Safe Pro operates as your digital vault, allowing you to secure passwords, photos, credit cards, and other documents. All this can be done without having to put a password lock on your device (but you can still have one if you really want it!)

You can choose between a PIN code, dot lock, numeric or alphanumeric passcode. The app can also send break-in reports with photo and GPS data via email, just in case someone tries to worm their way into your private data (requires in-app purchase). As if that wasn’t enough, the app also comes with a decoy login mode to throw potential snoopers for a loop. . . .