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Review: Reviewer 7 — Review And Edit Microsoft Word Documents, by Jeff Richardson, iPhone J.D. Blog


For many years, there was no one, best way to review and edit Microsoft Word documents on an iPad, but there were lots of apps that could be used for the task, each with their own strengths and limitations.  The landscape changed in March of 2014 when Microsoft introduced the Word for iPad app – a powerful app that can handle almost everything that you would want to do with a Word document on an iPad.  Ever since then, I have wondered about the future of the other apps that handle Word documents.  Some apps may be abandoned, but my hope is that others will find ways to distinguish themselves from Microsoft’s app.

That’s exactly what has happened with the new Reviewer 7 app.  This a new name for an updated version of an app that used to be called Reader 7, and I reviewed it this past February.  Reader 7 was created by German attorney Maren Reuter and her husband, who is a software designer, and I thought when I reviewed it that it was one of the very best apps for reading Word files on an iPad.  The app’s name was changed because while it is still an excellent viewer, you can now get the app for free and spend $1.99 for the in-app Review Tools upgrade and then the app will let you create redline edits in a Word document. . . .