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Part IV – Trial Graphic Fundamentals: Guidelines for Trial, by  Adam Bloomberg, Managing Director -Visual Communications, Litigation Insights Blog


Please note that this is fourth in a series, and take a look at the three that come before it. -CCE

This blog is the fourth in a series that focuses on the fundamentals of trial graphics. Its content is based on a program Adam Bloomberg, Litigation Insights’ Managing Director for Visual Communications, co-presented with Bryant Spann, Partner at Thomas Combs & Spann PLLC, at the 2014 Midyear Meeting of the International Association of Defense Counsel in Carlsbad, California.

Graphics are powerful, because they have the ability to communicate more clearly and concisely than words. Depending on how that power is channeled, however, a graphic can either help or harm your case. The following tips for developing graphics can significantly improve them for use at trial. . . .