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Review: GoodReader 4 — Next Generation Of Goodreader Adds PDF Page Management, by Jeff Richardson, iPhone J.D.


GoodReader has long been one of the most useful apps on my iPad because it makes it easy to organize documents into folders and read them on the iPad.  I have folders for each of my cases, sub-folders within each case folder for Correspondence, Pleadings, Exhibits, etc., and I sync all of my non-privileged documents to and from my iPad using Dropbox.  It’s a good system that has worked well for me, and I know countless other attorneys who do the same thing.

Yesterday, the next generation of GoodReader was introduced.  It is a new app called GoodReader 4, and you need to pay for it.  It is currently on sale for $2.99, but after an introductory period the price will go up to $6.99.  Unlike the prior version of GoodReader, GoodReader 4 is a universal app so you can buy it once and use it on both your iPhone and your iPad.  You can tell the old app from the new app because the old app icon was green whereas the new one has an aqua gradient  The old version of GoodReader was also updated yesterday to version 3.21, and you need to get that update in order to migrate your documents from the old version of GoodReader to GoodReader 4. . . .