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I have been following the updates about Judge Scheindlin on Judge Kopf’s blog, Hercules and the umpire. If you recall, this series began with Judge Scheindlin’s ruling on the current stop-and-frisk law in her jurisdiction, and her subsequent, hasty, and unprecedented (to my knowledge) removal by the Second Circuit of the Court of Appeals.  All related posts are below, and start with the first post by Judge Kopf. The Comments are equally interesting. CCE

What do you think about the Second Circuit’s removal of Judge Shira Scheindlin?http://bit.ly/1cyvhiH (Posted here on November 2, 2013)

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In answer to Scott H. Greenfield regarding the Second Circuit’s treatment of Judge Scheindlinhttp://bit.ly/17EEqZ9

“Do not go gentle into that good night . . . ” Dylan Thomas and Judge Scheindlin http://bit.ly/1a39Re3

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End it quickly http://herculesandtheumpire.com/2013/11/11/end-it-quickly/ (Posted here on November 12, 2013)

A must read essay on Judge Scheindlin and the Second Circuit http://bit.ly/19XlseL  (Posted here on November 12, 2013)

Judge Scheindlin was wrong to enter the fray at the Second Circuit http://bit.ly/1eJ21tw