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Even when you or your firm have access to Westlaw or Lexis, you may still want or need access to free resources to do your legal research. 

Most, if not all, states provide a free website for state law (e.g., statutes, case law, state constitution, attorney general opinions, etc.). Perhaps the easiest route is to go to that state’s official government website. The state court’s websites use their own search engines – do not expect each to work the same as the others.

Here is another resource that will also lead you to state law: 50 States (http://www.50states.com/). (Click on the state, and scroll down to “Courts” and click on “Judicial System.” 

Below is a selection of websites that provide comprehensive links to state, federal and, in some instances, international law. 

Competitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide – Completely Updated – September 2013, by Sabrina I. Pacifici, LLRX.com  http://www.llrx.com/features/ciguide.htm

How to Use Google Scholar for Legal Research, LawyerTechReview.com 

Google Scholar – Guide Review of Google Scholar as a Legal Research Tool, by William Pfeiffer, About.com Law Practice Management

HG.org – Legal Resources – http://www.hg.org/

Cornell University Law School – Legal Information Institute (LII) 

Duke Law – Legal Databases & Links –  http://law.duke.edu/lib/lresources

The Public Library of Law – http://www.plol.org/Pages/Search.aspx

George Mason University School of Law – Free Legal Research Sites 

Washburn University School of Law
Washlaw – Legal Links and Directories  

Georgetown Law Library – Free and Low Cost Legal Research Guide –