Family law takes a special breed. How often have you received a call from your client complaining that the soon-to-be-ex-spouse forgot the child’s teacher/parent conference, was late to pick up the child for a doctor appointment, or disagrees how to parent in a given situation? It happens all too often, and punches a divorce client’s button every time.

What if your client had a way to permanently, securely document and communicate with the other party about appointments, vacations, homework assignments, and all the other hot-button issues that pop up?

Mr. Stevens has the best solution I have seen. Online portals, such as Our Family Wizard, provides a color-coded calendar and message board for the parents. The calendar helps to avoid miscommunication about things such as appointments, visitation schedules, and school events. Messages posted on the message board cannot be deleted, redacted, or edited in any way, providing a communication log that can be used in court.

Mr. Stevens’ has generously shared additional online portals and apps for family scheduling, school, and medical communication that make it easier for each parent to stay informed. It helps to cut down on your client’s stress, the parties’ disagreements, and the frequent calls to your office. This technology is easy to use and good for your practice and your client. -CCE