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How To *Really* Lock Down a PDF Document, by Catherine Sanders, Catherine’s Call, ncbarblog


Although I have worked in multiple areas of the law, I cannot think of one in which I did not use Adobe Acrobat. Even if you do not have the latest version, Adobe Acrobat DC (which I love), you need to learn how to “lock” your document so that no one outside of your office can edit it in any way.

There is a definite danger in becoming complacent and not staying up to date with technology. Keeping up to date can be expensive. You and others may also have a short learning curve to retrain on new software.

But, think about it. We constantly retrain ourselves in the legal world. Court rules, case law, and statutes change, and we are ethically bound to learn and  them. I cannot count how many versions of WordPerfect, Word, Adobe Acrobat, or case management software I’ve learned over the years. Retraining is simply a necessary fact of life when you are a legal professional.

I like this post for several reasons. First and foremost, it not only tells you, but shows you, how to lock down your .pdf document. Second, it shows you how to use some Adobe functions you might not normally use, which adds to your skill set. This one is a keeper! -CCE