Security Tip (ST05-019) – Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft, United States Computer-Readiness Team (with hat tip to Sabrina I. Pacifici, BeSpacific Blog) t.(Original release date: September 17, 2008 | Last revised: January 31, 2017)


I would love to stick my head in the sand, and pretend that identity theft does not exist. It is a foolish reaction to a real threat, especially after the recent Equifax hack.

Some people think that, if they do not use the Internet to pay their bills or make purchases, they are safe. I wish that were true; it isn’t. Hackers are more sophisticated, which means we should take additional precautions.

This security tip will help, and there is another link to an earlier tip that is likewise helpful. I encourage you to research further and take whatever precautions you deem necessary. -CCE