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Consider What Drives Resistance to Your Message, by Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm, Persuasive Litigator™


When clients ask whether their case will win at jury trial, the standard answer is that we never know what a jury is going to do.

There are times during trial when it may become obvious the jury is bored or highly engaged. Even then, do you know which way the jury will flop? Well, sometimes. Voir dire has given you some insight, as well as your own research. With the country presently divided, you may think people are easily pigeon-holed.

You’re feeling confident about your opening argument.  You may even think you have the jury eating out of your hand. But do you? Really?

Knowing your case well is a two-edged sword. You may believe that the story of your client’s case is so convincing – so right – that it is hard to imagine the jury will not see it just as you do.  Are you prepared to address a jury’s resistance to your client’s case?  Here are some excellent insights on what makes a jury tick. Please note more posts on this subject at the bottom of Dr. Broda-Brahm’s post. -CCE