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Paralegal License Revoked, by Mike Frisch, Legal Profession Prof Blog (with hat tip to William P. Statsky)


There has been increasing discussion in the United States about creating class of paralegal often called “legal technicians.” Some states already have them. There are arguments pro and con on both sides. The underlying idea is to find a way to provide legal services at a lower rate making legal services more affordable.

But here’s the sticker. There are rules and laws to address situations where lawyers commit malpractice. Are there similar provisions for legal technicians and, if so, what are they? How do they protect consumers, is there any kind if discipline, and who is responsible for that oversight and discipline?

Canada might be good example to help answer some of these questions. What do you think? -CCE

Unlike its American counterparts, the Law Society of Upper Canada has and exercises disciplinary authority over paralegals,

The Law Society Tribunal revoked a paralegal’s license.

‘[M]r. Djukic’s actions clearly brought discredit upon the paralegal profession. Through his work as an immigration consultant and his standing as a paralegal, Mr. Djukic was able to meet and, ultimately, to persuade members of two families to provide him with monies totaling more than $900,000.’