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Oklahoma Tax Help, Shawn J. Roberts Blog


Shawn J. Roberts and Dale B. Cazes are co-founders of Cazes Roberts, PLLC, in Oklahoma City. Resolving really sticky tax problems is one of their specialties. How do I know? I work there.

There are many reasons why people find themselves in a horrible tax dilemma. Maybe a husband or wife fails to pay the couple’s taxes, and keeps the spouse in the dark. A self-employed worker repeatedly fails to pay self-employment taxes, and finds that the IRS penalties and interest have made his tax debt astronomical.  

What if dad dies suddenly, and his surviving children find out that dad had not paid personal or business taxes for years? There is a big, fat tax lien on the property and the father’s estate. Suddenly, the surviving family is left wondering whether the tax debt will eat up their inheritance.  

Sometimes, running afoul with the IRS or the Oklahoma Tax Commission is not in your control. Regardless, if you are in this stressful situation, you can become desperate looking for someone who says he or she can help. Look hard before you leap. -CCE

Oklahoma Tax Help fights for individuals and companies to get relief from IRS or Oklahoma Tax Commission (“OTC”) tax problems. The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world and when it focuses its resources on an individual or company, the pressure is excruciating (so too with the OTC).  For example, an individual’s state-issued professional license (e.g., doctor, nurse, attorney, engineer or anyone else who has a state-issued license) or a company’s sales tax permit, can be suspended for failure to pay taxes.

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Oklahoma Tax Help was spawned by hearing from people who responded to the onslaught of television and radio advertising from tax resolution firms offering tax debt help, who found out those resolution firms charge astronomical rates and demand the entire cost up front. [P]eople found out those firms often take your case and take your money without getting enough information to determine whether they can realistically help you.