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What Stephen Colbert Teaches Us About Effective Presentations, by Tom DeRosa, Teaching Community


Although Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report has run its course and is no longer on the air, I have always thought that “The Word” was the best use of PowerPoint I have ever seen. The PowerPoint slides did not provide the content of the presentation, which is common. Instead, as the punchline, each PowerPoint slide hit the mark. -CCE 

Great lessons for educators can be found in the most unlikely of places. One such example can be found on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, in a reoccurring segment called ‘The Word’. In ‘The Word,’ host Stephen Colbert uses one word or phrase as a jumping off point for his unique editorial commentary.

Now, some might dismiss ‘The Word’ on it’s face as partisan punditry. The truthiness, of course, is that ‘The Word’ is the best, most effective PowerPoint presentation ever broadcast. . . .