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Attorney-Juror Contact: What to Do When Running into a Juror Outside of the Courtroom, by Jessica Baer, M.A., Litigation Insights


This post makes an excellent point about avoiding contact or the appearance of tainting the jury. If you should find yourself inadvertently in the presence of juror in a courtroom hallway, bathroom, or elevator, avoid eye contact, look down, and appear deep in thought, as if you are not aware they are there. Then get out of there as quietly and quickly as possible. -CCE

Opening statements had just ended and members of the trial team were beginning to return from their lunch breaks. The attorney we were working with for this shadow jury and I got on the elevator in the parking garage and he began telling me about the upcoming witness testimony. As people (some of whom presumably could be jurors) piled into the elevator on the next floor, the attorney stopped our conversation, looked over at me and whispered, “I’ll take the stairs to get some exercise.” I knew what he meant. . . .