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Right now I’m working on a personal injury case where a couple got rear-ended.  They, and their passenger, were injured.  One of my clients has two herniated discs is his low back, which is a serious and very painful permanent injury.  Initially, they tried to negotiate and handle the case themselves, because they thought the liability insurance company would “do the right thing”.

Not so much.  They got frustrated and came to me a year later, after really mis-handling their own claim.  Now, about another year later, I’ve about got the mess they created straightened out and am able to reach a settlement which more closely resembles reasonable compensation.

So, Here are a few reasons to at least consult a lawyer immediately after getting injured, and BEFORE talking to an insurance liability adjuster.

1.  You don’t know how to put a liability insurance claim together.

Insurance adjusters consider “specials” — special…

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