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Attorney Suspended For Refusing Mental Health Evaluation, by Mike Frisch, Legal Profession Prof


Janice L. Jennings, P.O. Box 103, West Palm Beach, suspended for 91 days, effective immediately, and indefinitely thereafter, until she complies with the terms and conditions set forth in a Feb. 19 court order and demonstrates rehabilitation. (Admitted to practice: 1985) Jennings refused The Florida Bar’s request that she schedule a mental health evaluation with Florida Lawyers Assistance. The request came after the Bar learned of a written filing and statements in which Jennings advised the court, among other things, that her former employer had caused the implantation of a microchip in her left ear that was designed to harm and disrupt her ability to function. (Case No. SC14-1218)

The Tampa Bay Times reported on the situation in June 2014

A June 16 Times article showed that she had been  telling federal judges for more than a decade that she was the victim of mind control and torture, with no apparent effect on her license to practice law….