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The Becky Klemt Letter, published in Law And Disorder, Legal Assistants Division State Bar of Texas ©1999


The link above no longer exists. You will find the Becky Klemt Letter here: https://www.penceandmac.com/index.php/then-and-now-becky-klemt-macmillan/

If you have been around long enough, my bet is that you will recognize this right away. If not, then enjoy. It’s a classic.  -CCE

Becky Klemt is a lawyer in Laramie, WY (with the five-person firm of Pence & MacMillan). On Aug. 17, 1988, she wrote a letter. It was only one letter—’just one funny letter’ as Becky describes it. But these are the ‘reviews’ of The Becky Klemt Letter, by various lawyers, judges and clients, as quoted in an article in The Wall Street Journal (Sept. 6, 1990) ‘A Lady Lawyer in Laramie Writes A Landmark Letter’:

‘Hilarious’. . . ‘a masterpiece’. . .’ a jewel’. . . ‘brutal’. . . ‘skewers the pretentiousness of big-city lawyering with incomparable wit’. . . ‘the pot-shot heard round the world’. . . the ‘most photocopied letter in legal history’. . . ‘the best writing (ever done) on legal stationery.’

Tom Scott of Midland (Bullock, Scott, etc.) got copies of the letters from Becky after reading The Wall Street Journal article and—since The Letter was not printed in that article—suggested that it be published in full in this column. So here it is, together with two other letters which set the scene for The Becky Klemt Letter. . . .