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Impeach Witnesses by Creating an Effective Record at Depositions, by Elliott Wilcox, Trial Theater©


The depositions were taking longer than expected, and they were some of the most boring depos I’ve ever attended. As we approached 3 o’clock, I could barely keep my eyes open. Luckily, closing my eyes for a brief moment helped me see what the deposition transcript would look like, and pointed out the difference between talking to the witness and talking to the record. Take a look at two sample questions that were asked:

“This blood here, is that from this general area here, or is that from another area?”

“Is this photograph here a photograph of this area here?”

Huh? Do you have any idea what they’re talking about? Do you know where the blood is? Neither will they when the attorney if she tries to impeach the witness using this deposition during trial. . . .