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Mailing is All Needed to Perfect Nonrenewal, by Barry Zalma, Zalma On Insurance Blog


Some cases go on and on with trial decisions reversed, remanded, retried and appealed again. In Collins v. State Farm Ins. Co., ___ So.3d ___, 2015 WL 468970 (La. App. 4 Cir.), 2014-0419 (La. App. 4 Cir. 2/4/15) after eight years of litigation over damages resulting from Hurricane Katrina the insured ended up with nothing. His last attempt at recovery was to sue his agent for negligence because he did not inform the plaintiff that his policy had been non-renewed well before Katrina hit New Orleans.

The insured, Edward Collins, brought this suit against his insurer, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company (‘State Farm’), and his insurance agent, Reggie Glass. From the trial court’s judgment granting Mr. Glass’ motion for summary judgment. Mr. Collins appeals.


In January 2000, Mr. Collins filed a claim under his homeowner’s policy with State Farm for roof damage to his property located at 7508 Lafourche Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. State Farm adjusted the claim and paid the damages due under the policy. In September 2004, Mr. Collins submitted another claim under his homeowner’s policy. During its investigation of this claim, State Farm discovered that Mr. Collins failed to repair his roof after he was paid for his 2000 claim. State Farm thus decided not to renew Mr. Collins’ homeowner’s policy when it expired on May 30, 2005. . . .