I am delighted that Craig Ball is taking this new approach to his blog, and looking forward to his posts. -CCE

Ball in your Court

DNA of DataOne of the conceits of writing is the perception that when you’ve written on something, it’s behind you.  Not that nothing else need be said on the topic, but only that it need not be said by you.  That’s silly for a host of reasons.  I started writing the print version of Ball in Your Court ten years ago–before the 2006 Federal Rules amendments and before the EDRM.  Half my readers weren’t in the field then, and veteran readers surely missed a few missives. Plus, if the point was worth making, perhaps it bears repeating. So, I now revisit columns and posts from the primordial past of e-discovery–starting over as it were, updating in places, and hopefully restarting a few conversations. As always, your comments are gratefully solicited.

The DNA of Data

[2005: the very first Ball in Your Court]

Discovery of electronic data compilations has been part…

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