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9 Warning Signs of Bad Care, by Kurtis Hiatt, U.S. News & World Report


One of the reasons I picked this post is that, on the same page, you will find a Guide to Nursing Homes, including “How to Choose a Nursing Home,” “How to Cover the Cost,” and “How to Guarantee Good Care.” It also includes a step-by-step video of actions to take before choosing a nursing home. Unless you medical knowledge or experience and know what kind of care is normal and acceptable, making decisions about elder care is confusing and difficult. –CCE

It’s frustrating to discover that the care Mom is receiving in her new nursing home falls short of expectations—yours and hers. It’s frightening to think that it might be bad.

But how would you know?

‘There are literally dozens of warning signs,’ says Dan Sewell, director of the senior behavioral health unit at the UC San Diego Medical Center. Here are what he and other experts consider especially serious red flags. . . .