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CIA Style Manual Available Online, by Sabrina I. Pacifici, beSpacific Blog


If you are not familiar with Ms. Pacifici, I encourage you to check out her blog. She is an extraordinary researcher. These materials are interesting enough on their own, but you will see that the links take you to the FOIA Resources at The National Security Archive.  The Government Attic Blog is also worth a good, long look. -CCE

Via governmentattic.org:

  • ‘National Security Counselors law firm has obtained a copy of the CIA Directorate of Intelligence Style Manual, Eighth Edition, 2011.  It is entitled Style Manual & Writers Guide for Intelligence Publications. The CIA Guide is not alone.  Each of the members of the Intelligence Community ­IC ­ have one or more Style Manuals to conform the reports and documents of that agency to a consistent writing style and usage.  This is highly important to achieving clear and unambiguous communications of such matters.

  • Here is another example: the NSA SIGINT Style Guide

  • The National Security Counselors web site publishes a large number of interesting documents released under FOIA, or under litigation arising from FOIA requests.’