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Fears and Loathing (and Pain) in Seattle: a Case Lesson in How NOT to Preserve and Produce Email – Part One, by Ralph Losey, e-Discovery Team®


If e-discovery is part of your life, you need to read this blog. Ralph Losey is not the only expert showcased here, but he is definitely one of the best. E-discovery is an area of law that is constantly evolving. If you do not work in it frequently, it is easy to get lost. Blogs such as these will help. -CCE

A recent case in Seattle provides a text-book example of how not to do e-discovery. It concludes with a sanctions order against the defendant, and the defendant’s law firm, Payne & Fears LLP. The law firm was fined $10,000, payable to the court, due to the conduct of two of its attorneys. The defendant, Corinthian Colleges, was fined another $25,000. Knickerbocker v Corinthian Colleges, Case No. C12-1142JLR, (WDWA, April 7, 2014). . . .