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In Legal Writing, Dross Disappears and Points Emerge as Groupings Improve, by Kenneth F. Oettle, New Jersey Law Journal


Kenneth Oettle is on my list of top legal writers. His legal writing book, “Making Your Point: A Practical Guide to Persuasive Legal Writing” is well worth the price. -CCE

Legal writing is all about groupings — sets and subsets, and categories. These are the building blocks of logic. Accurate sets and subsets (accurate categories) increase the efficiency with which information is delivered, and the process of shaping sets and subsets forces a writer to confirm that the message is on point. Regrettably, the kind of precise grouping that typically takes place late in the editing process (e.g., rearranging items in sentences and short paragraphs) is sometimes skipped in the rush to get product out the door. . . .