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Dropbox Publishes New T&Cs That Anger Users, by Jamie Hicks, ITProPortal


Dropbox has announced that it plans updates to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, effective March 24, 2014. Highlights of these changes are:

•     The addition of an arbitration section  has angered many of its users. Dropbox has provided an online form to opt out of this section 30 days after the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy go into effect.

•     The Privacy Policy now contains Dropbox’s recently launched Government Data Request Principles. When you allow Dropbox access to your contacts, Dropbox says that it stores them so that you (and only you) can share with others more easily.

•     The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy has been revised to simplify its language and to explain its list of features.

The arbitration clause language added to the Terms and Conditions has generated the most criticism. (See Dropbox Blog @ https://blog.dropbox.com/2014/02/updating-our-terms-of-service/, posted by Ramsey Homsany. This section is viewed by its critics as designed to defeat class action litigation by urging users to opt out. -CCE