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English: Seal of Texas

Senate’s ‘Nuclear Option’ Won’t Help Clear Backlog Of Texas Judicial Vacancies, by Todd J. Gillman, The Dallas Morning News (with hat tip to Howard Bashman, How Appealing Blog!)


Federal courts that handle Texas cases have nine vacancies and until last week, no nominees, accounting for more than 20 percent of empty benches nationwide. One of those came open more than five years ago.

The predictable result: backlogs and delays, especially in civil cases.

“The nuclear option will not change the logjam. The White House is not going to nominate anyone from Texas until it’s clear the senators will approve them,” said Royal Furgeson, dean of the University of North Texas Law School in Dallas, planned to open next year.

He called the persistent vacancies ‘a giant problem,’ and he would know; he’s the judge who stepped down in November 2008 from a San Antonio trial court.