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Sections And Pilcrows –Making The § And ¶ On The iPhone, by Jeff Richardson, iPhone J.D. Blog


Yesterday, I reviewed an app called Codification, which uses for its icon the section symbol — §. That is certainly a symbol that lawyers need to type a lot, but it isn’t immediately apparent how to do so on an iPhone or iPad. I was discussing this with Ray Ward, an appellate attorney at my law firm who also publishes the great blogs The (New) Legal Writer and Louisiana Civil Appeals, and he reminded me that it is almost impossible to create the pilcrow on an iPhone. The what? Yeah, I had to look that one up too; a pilcrow is a symbol that most lawyers call the paragraph symbol — ¶.

You can type many additional characters using the iPhone and iPad keyboard by holding down on a letter. I see that I haven’t posted a full list of those shortcuts since 2010, back when iPhone J.D. had far fewer readers, so I though it might be useful to post the list again, which is largely still the same in iOS 8: . . . .