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Adoption Law, HG.org


A compilation of information about adoption, starting with a brief explanation of this area of law, termination of parental rights, open vs. closed adoptions, adoption by a step-parent, and working with an adoption law. This is interesting but the meat comes next, in my opinion, in the sections on knowing your rights, articles on adoption law, and so on. You might also take note at the top of the web page of a hyperlink to “Family Law,” which provides a good overview of that area of law as well.

HG.org (formerly Hieros Gamos.org) is a free legal directory with an abundance of information about American law. It provides a search engine to look for attorneys, topics of law, and more. If you have not already spent time looking at each section of this legal directory, I encourage you to do so.

HG.org is not the only legal directory, but I think it is one of the best. I have already provided a list of similar resources on the Internet at https://researchingparalegal.com/2013/10/23/some-of-the-best-free-legal-research-guides-on-the-internet-no-wikipedia-does-not-count/. If you have not already had an opportunity to visit that link, I think you will find the resources there worth bookmarking. -CCE