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How Bad Lawyer Advertising Hurts Our Legal System, by Gregory H. Haubrich, The Haubrich Law Firm, P.C., Butter’s Blog


I was talking to my friend Bobbie a few years ago when John Edwards was running for President — and before it was known that he was not just a pretty boy, but a lying pretty boy who cheated on his wife. I had met Senator Edwards and was one of many who were more than disappointed when he imploded. Bobbie said: ‘Greg, I could never vote for him.’

I asked why? ‘Because he’s a trial lawyer.’

‘Well, shoot, Sis, I’m a trial lawyer. What’s the problem with that?’

It turned out that what Bobbie really hated was the mass media lawyer advertising that encourages people to call lawyers and file lawsuits when they would not even know they had a claim unless they saw the idea on television.