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Utah town forgets to hold election — again, by Robert Gehrke, The Salt Lake Tribune (with hat tip to Lowering The Bar Blog!)


Wallsburg, Utah, is a small town of about 275 people is 40 miles from Salt Lake. It has a mayor and four city council members. It has no staff. If you call City Hall, no one will answer.

Wallsburg forgot to hold an election for the city officials – again. What to do? The state election officials said it was too late to do anything but wait until 2015.

What caused the Town of Wallsburg to forget – again – to hold an election for its city officials? No one reports any suggestion that the city officials deliberately neglected to hold an election. The general opinion is that the eleection was simply overlooked – twice.

It is anticipated that an election will be held in 2015 without fail.  – CCE